Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teach-in Reveals How the Left Thinks

As reported in this article about a "teach-in" at Florida International University, the speaker had ten chairs brought to the front of the stage and a person set in each chair, he then moved nine of the students to share three of the chairs to illustrate how wealth is distributed in the US.

This teach-in illustrates how the left thinks. They think there is only ten chairs. They think that if someone else has more, you have less. They are obsessed about distribution of wealth. The left thinks the economic pie is fixed and the slices should be of equal proportions. They see the economy as a zero-sum game. In America and in much of the world, we have always baked a bigger pie or added more chairs. If I can get enough, I don't care that someone else has more.  As long as we can add more chairs, I am OK if someone else has more than one chair. That is not my chair they have.

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