Saturday, November 26, 2011

Re: Occupy Nashville, Shut 'er Down!

by Rod Williams

Los Angels Mayor Villaraigosa has ordered the shutdown of Occupy LA effective 12:01 Monday morning, saying the city can no longer "maintain the public safety of long-term encampment."

It is about damn time cities started ending their occupation. Prohibiting people from camping in areas not designated for camping is not violating anyone's right of free speech. In Nashville, should tourist have the right to camp in Centennial Park or Riverfront Park? What if the Occupy Nashville decided to move from the Plaza to the actual grounds of the Capitol?  What if they decide to build more permanent structures for a long-term occupy or park campers on the grounds?  Is that protected speech?  To prohibit overnight camping is not violating anyone's first amendment rights no more than is prohibiting people from blocking streets.

Governor Haslam caved too easily after his first attempt to shut them down. I am beginning to lose confidence in Haslam's leadership abilities.  He is looking like a weakling. We the real 99%, not the loony left occupiers, need to reclaim our public spaces.

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