Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outraged yet? More Millions in the Pipeline to the Predators!

by Rod Williams

Watch the above news clip from Channel 5 to see more on the story of how the Predators are shamelessly ripping off the city. 

Excerpts from the clip:

"I had a client and so I don't know what they knew or didn't know. I would be surprised if they didn't know," he said.

In fact, we discovered that the Predators got the extra tax money after language was inserted into two different tax bills pushed by the Bredesen administration.

First, in 2008, the law took state and local sales taxes from non-hockey games -- concerts for example -- and sent the money to the Nashville Sports Authority, supposedly to help cover the cost of the arena.

Then, in 2009, a second bill ordered that money be sent to the Conventions and Visitors Bureau to be spent at the direction of the Predators.

That same bill also imposed a privilege tax on all National Hockey League players -- again to be spent by the Predators.

And, for the team, it's been big money.
This is an absolute outrage! There is $9.4 million dollars, so far, in sales tax revenue that will go to the Predators rather than the general fund. This in all extra money to the Predators.  This is money they get as a result of the State legislation that was passed. This is in addition to any contractual subsidy. 
If the Mayor proposes a tax increase this year don't buy that crap that it is necessary to properly fund the schools and to properly fund public safety. It will be because of corruption, waste and mismanagement.  Deals like the giveaway to the Predators and the massive corruption and mismanagement of the convention center project will be the real reason for any need for a tax increase. 
Any council member who does not vote to right these wrongs should be defeated next election. The Council has until December 31st to renegotiate the Predators contract or it automatically renews. We should expect some action and outrage on the part of members of the Metro Council.  The public should demand the Predator sales tax deal be undone!

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