Monday, July 11, 2011

Why are they tearing up perfectly good sidewalks?

Why in the world are they tearing up perfectly good sidewalks and curbs on Wedgewood Avenue between 12th Ave and 28th Avenue and replacing them with new ones. This is an area not far from my house and is part of my regular exercise route. I walk those sidewalks almost every day. The ones being torn up are not even cracked. They have already made the existing sidewalks meet the ADA standards. They did the same thing on 10th Avenue South. The ones on 10th had some wear. There were some cracks, but they certainly did not need to be torn up and replaced.

The Tennessean or one of the news channels needs to investigate this waste. A member of the Metro Council needs to call for hearings. I am all for sidewalks. I want to live in a walkable city. I like greenways, and bike paths and sidewalks, but why instead of tearing up perfectly good sidewalks and putting in new sidewalks do they not extend sidewalks to parts of town without sidewalks? This is just nuts! I would like to know how many millions of dollars have been wasted building sidewalks stupidly. (For more on how we build sidewalks stupidly.)

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