Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neighborhood Defense Fund Endorses In Metro Races

According to their press release:

The Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund is a group of neighborhood activists whose goal is to support candidates for office who are committed to protecting and preserving Nashville’s neighborhoods.

The NNDF is not directly affiliated with any neighborhood association. Our members are active in their neighborhood associations and related organizations. Many serve in leadership roles.The NNDF has members from over 30 neighborhoods throughout Nashville and Davidson County.
Two of the leaders of the NNDF are former Metro Councilman John  Summers and John John Stern, a long time neighborhood activist.

I have highlighted in red the candidates that I am supporting who also got the support of NNDF.

Mayor: Karl Dean
Vice-Mayor: Diane Neighbors
At Large: Megan Barry
Sam Coleman
Tim Garrett
Kenneth Jakes
Vivian Wilhoite
District 1: Lonnell Matthews
District 4: Brady Banks
District 6: Bob Borzak
District 11: Darren Jernigan
District 13: Marilyn Robinson
District 14: Bruce Stanley
District 15: Phillip Claiborne
District 16: Anna Page
District 17: Sandra Moore
District 18: Burkley Allen
District 19: Erica Gilmore
District 20: Mary Carolyn Roberts
District 21: Edith Taylor Langster
District 22: Seannalyn Brandmeir
District 23: Emily Evans
District 24: Jason Holleman
District 25: Sean McGuire
District 28: Duane Dominy
District 31: Fabian Bedne
District 32: Jacobia Dowell
District 33: Robert Duvall
District 34: Carter Todd
District 35: Bo Mitchell

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