Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can you give me 5 Elvises and three Cashes for this Opry?

Senate Republican Bill Ketron who sponsored the controversial bill to criminalize the practice of Shariah law, has come up with a new proposal to set up a committee to look into what it would take for Tennessee to come up with an alternate currency to the Federal Reserve Note. 

I share Senator’s Ketron’s fear that the US is headed for hyper inflation so I guess if the state can legally come up with a competing currency that may not be a bad idea.  Can states issue their own currency? There is nothing wrong with studying the issue. 

Whose picture should be on the Tennessee dollar bill? For the Tennessee $1, I guess I would have to go with Elvis Presley.  How does this sound: “Can I borrow an Elvis?” For the $5 I would like a Johnny Cash. “Do you have a Cash I can borrow?”  I would also propose “an Opry” and “a Parton” and a “Davy Crockett.”

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