Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shariah compliant credit cards spread!

Shariah compliant credit cards spread and some people are in a panic. To believe the folks at Jihadist Watch and Creeping Shariah  and some local conservatives, things like this put us on that slippery slope that leads to stoning to death of adulterous women and beheading apostates.

You already can get a credit card that promotes your favorite sports team or rock band. Now you can get a card that, if you are a Muslim, does not  violate the moral code of Sharia which prohibits paying interest. No one makes you get such a card mind you and you have to ask for it. Nevertheless, some see such cards as a threat to the Republic.

If one is concerned about businesses that voluntarily cater to the dietary or financial desires of a religious minority. I have something that will really freak you out. Ready? Kroger's sells Kosher dill pickles!

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1 comment:

  1. Rod, there you go again making a rational argument where readers are expected to be consistent in their views.

    Such adherence to consistency is a sure sign of being a RINO.

    My advice, if the horn fits, use it on the nearest fringeoid. Especially the tiny ones.