Sunday, October 24, 2010

Make calls for Obama!

This is fun, fast, quick and easy. I just "called" several hundred of these. They were all "GOP Supporters" or "NO" or "wrong number" or "deceased."

Do it! Spread the word.

Organizing for America Friend --

This movement is about people like Kelsey K.

Kelsey is a 63-year-old part-time teacher from Greencastle, Indiana.

Last week, she made more than 200 calls to make sure Hoosiers in her community are planning on voting this fall.

She talked to a 19-year-old recent high school graduate. He's currently unemployed and living with his mom, a single parent. Kelsey talked to him about the importance of this fall's elections, and she secured his commitment to vote.

And she got him so fired up that now, in between job-hunting, he's calling up his former classmates and making sure they're committed to voting on November 2nd, too.

Conversations like that one will win help us win races this fall. That's why, today, we're launching our 7 in 7 campaign -- reaching out to voters 7 million times on the phones and on the doors in seven days -- right up to the start of the final GOTV push next weekend.

Join supporters like Kelsey and use our call tool to make calls right now, or commit to doing it in the next seven days:

Make calls now

Make calls this week

Kelsey also spoke to a brother and a sister who are both away at colleges in Iowa and in New York. They voted two years ago -- and hadn't even realized that there was an election going on this year.

Now that they know, they're planning on voting -- and they're reaching out to all of their friends on Facebook, making sure they're committed, too.

Kelsey's calls put words in motion -- each person securing the commitment of the next, and propelling this movement forward.

Our call tool has never been easier to use -- just one click and you're brought to a person to contact in your area and a script to guide you.

But without supporters like you -- the tool is just a webpage. Pixels on a screen.

You make it work.

And the outcome of this election is in your control -- you have the power, right now, to make sure folks make their voices heard at the polls this fall.

Can you join Kelsey and the tens of thousands of supporters like her who are reaching out to voters every day?

Let's go have the conversations we know change the outcomes of elections.


Natalie Foster
New Media Director

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