Monday, October 25, 2010

Belle Meade Police Chief confirms ‘signgate’ story.

In response to my request for additional confirmation of the political yard sign stealing incident in Belle Meade, I received the following email from the Belle Meade Chief of Police:

I can confirm that Ms Barclay had contact with Sgt. Dale Corter on October 21st at 9:14 p.m. Sgt. Corter observed her removing a David Hall sign from private property. The matter is still under investigation at this time and I cannot release any further information until the issue is reviewed by the DA’s office to determine if any charges can or should be filed.

There are still some questions about who had permission to do what. We hope to have this case closed by early afternoon at which time I will be happy to release the requested information.

Thank you,


Tim Eads

Belle Meade Police Department

The fact that someone is stealing political yard signs is not really newsworthy; it happens in almost every campaign. I have been the victim of it when I was a candidate and my opponents also claimed they were the victim of it and I know I have never stolen a yard sign. Yard signs do disappear. Sometimes, I suspect it is the work of over zealous supporters of the candidates; probably people not even associated with the campaign. Sometimes I suspect that a homeowner changes his mind or a spouse or other family member objects and removes it after one family member has given permission. And, probably some are just ripped up by mischievous kids.

What makes this case so interesting is that the person accused of stealing the yard sign is a lawyer, a person of stature in the community, someone with a reponsible important job, and someone who is closely connected to the candidate.

Krissa Barclay is not a kid or just some overly enthusiastic supporter who spontaneously decided to take a yard sign.

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  1. You can be sure if it were the David Hall campaign stealing signs it would have already been published in all of our news media. Davidson County reports bad news about Republicans and good news for Democrats.
    Thank God for the internet, we can get the news out that way. Thanks to your blog it has already been seen by many.

  2. As I am a loyal Republican, I want our party to be known as one that will not jump the gun and start bashing when the facts are not in. I have seen the police report and it looks like we should have waited until the facts were in before calling people a thief. Childish and immature is more appropriate but the other label is wrong and we are wrong to use it.

    I do not agree with the tactics used by the opponent but if we want to be known as a party who believes in the rights of others, we must first set the example. Are we strong enough to admit mistakes were made?

  3. Sure. What "mistakes were made"?