Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charles Williamson gets Tennessee Conservatives Fund Endorsement

Charles Williamson

Charles Williamson for State Rep, District 51

vs. Mike Turner

Old Hickory, TN
Charles Williamson couldn't allow one of Tennessee's most liberal legislators and active Democrat fundraisers another term in office without a fight. Charles is a successful businessman with experience as a geologist and a bison farmer in Goodlettsville. He hopes to lead the effort to stop illegal immigration into Tennessee, supports free market solutions, and the Healthcare Freedom Act. He opposes an income tax and wants more restrictions on property-snatching eminent domain. Support for Charles Williamson is imperative to the defeat of 10-year liberal incumbent Mike Turner who has the same amnesty, healthcare, and big government agenda as Barack Obama and is ready to give away our state's sovereignty. Turner has voted to provide drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and against procedures to verify citizenship status of detainees at correctional facilities. During debate on the Healthcare Freedom Act, Turner called us racists for opposing the Obama agenda. Listen here. Mike Turner would prefer we all lay down and accept whatever the federal government gives us, but Charles Williamson is standing up and fighting for Tennessee.

These great candidates need your help! Please join their campaigns, call from home, or send them money. We will all reap the rewards in November!

Rep. Susan Lynn, Chairman

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