Sunday, February 08, 2009

Petition Against the Stimulus Bill

While passage of the stimulus package looks like a done deal at this point, there is still a chance to kill it. After the Senate and House negotiate their differences the bill will have to go back to each house to be voted on again. Amendments can not be considered and the new bill must be voted up or down.

As people learn more about the wasteful spending in the bill and how it will do little to stimulate the economy, the public is turning against the bill. A new CBS poll shows that while a majority of Americans still support the stimulus package, support for the bill has fallen 12 points since January, and nearly half of those surveyed do not believe it will shorten the recession. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed support the stimulus package, while 39 percent do not. An additional 10 percent don't know. Last month, 63 percent supported the package and just 24 percent opposed it.

It House and Senate members hear from their constituents, some may switch to a “no” vote. So, stopping the Bill at this point may be a long shot, but it is possible. The pressure to defeat this bill needs to continue.

As John McCain has said, “no bill is better than this bill.” If this bill fails to pass, Congress can go back to the drawing board and pass a real stimulus bill. If you have not taken any action to express your opposition to the bill, below is a link to the John McCain PAC where you can sign a petition against it. A personal letter, phone call, or email to your congressmen is better than signing a petition, but this is quick and easy.

Click here to sign the petition:

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  1. I saw a recent poll or whatever you want to call it, that said now only 37 percent of the public support this so called stimulus package.

    If any good comes out of this, it will be that the voters on both sides see how crappy the Congress and Presidency can really be.

    These clowns were voted into office to be representatives of the people.

    Since the majority of the voters do not support this bill, the Congress and President should do the will of the people, instead of what is in their own self interest.

  2. The republican leadership is like the arson who shows up at the fire telling the firefighters that they are not putting the fire out correctly.

    It is shamefull to use our country and its people to gain power.