Sunday, February 08, 2009

“The following is a paid advertisement and does not reflect the ……”

An opinion expressed in an advertisement on this blog does not imply that A Disgruntled Republican endorses the message or the product advertised.

If you look to the left you will see that there is an advertisement for “Get USA Made.” I have recently posted several essays in which I warned of the dangers of protectionism. One post of mine, Please Don’t Buy American, was posted on February 2. At the same time it was running the “Get USA Made” advertisement was also running. Several people emailed me to comment on the discrepancy. One simply commended that it was ironic and another called me a hypocrite. I figured that if several people bothered to comment, others must have noticed the discrepancy and had an opinion.

Once it was pointed out to me that the “Buy USA” ad conflicted with my editorial policy I considered deleting the ad but kept waiting, hoping that someone would simply outbid that ad and it would go away. That hasn’t happened so I am making a decision to let it continue to run. I am not endorsing the “Buy USA Made” message but neither am I endorsing “Home Laser Hair Removal” which is also advertising on this blog. I have never tried “Home Laser Hair Removal.”

I have several different resources for the publishing of ads. With entrecard I accept or decline every individual ad. With some of the other advertising services, I could have the service set so that I approve or reject each ad individually but choose not to. I have set my ad publishing services to accept all ads except “adult.” I always have the option of deleting an ad at any time. I have never thought that by carrying an ad I was giving it a seal of approval.

I don’t think I have ever rejected an entrecard ad. I have accepted all kinds of entrecard advertisements. Some are from other conservative bloggers with whom I have profound disagreement on certain issues. I have also carried advertisements for liberal blogs. My view is that if these blogs want to advertise with me, they may. That does not imply that they agree with me nor does it imply I agree with them. I know some bloggers take a completely different view. I have had my ads declined by other bloggers and they have stated they disagreed with my positions and did not want to promote my blog. That is their right. I just do not view carrying someone’s ad as an endorsement.

Part of the reason, I have a liberal advertising policy is that I don’t think it hurts to be exposed to other views and I also hope others will reciprocate and allow me to advertise with them. Surprisingly, some of my most traffic-generating advertisements have been placed on blogs where I would have initially assumed the readers of that blog would have had little interest in my point of view.

In addition to my advertising, you may also notice that I have some liberal blogs listed in my blogroll. I list blogs that I think are interesting and well written. I do not always agree with the opinion of all of the blogs listed on my blogroll. I am simply recommending you visit them.

My policy on what advertising I will accept will continue to evolve as I am presented with an ad that creates a dilemma. I would not want to carry a racist ad or an ad from a 9-11 denier or Holocaust denier. I would not want to carry an ad for an avowed Communist website or a terrorist-friendly website. I would have to think about posting an ad that featured a peace sign, simply because I find the peace sign offensive. I know I may be the only person who feels that way, but it is my blog. For now however, I will advertise almost anything, but that does not mean that I endorse it.

This blog is my hobby and I have never made any money off of it. By carrying advertising I either earn credits or money that is used to purchase advertising. Please take time to visit my advertisers. A lot of advertising is either sold or evaluated based on the number of “clicks” the advertiser generates from the ad. Please help me out by paying “Buy USA Made” as well as my other advertisers a visit.

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  1. I'm a member of several different advertising networks and I generally accept all ads. There have been some that I disagree with and recently I added a little disclaimer over my ads saying that the fact that I allow the ads doesn't mean that I necessarily endorse the sites.

    I think I noted the Buy USA ad to you, mostly to make sure that it was on your radar. I know that ads have popped up on my site without me looking closely at them.

    Beyond that, I would like to say that I'm one of those liberals that comes around and has different points of view, but I enjoy talking with you on your blog because you seem like your one of those conservatives that wants to think seriously about what is best for our country, and I do believe that we need serious thinking liberals and serious thinking conservatives talking together to find the best solutions, or we'll just have things get worse and worse.

    As always, my two cents.


  2. As the creator of the Get USA Made site I should point out that it is the child labor practices that China has in Africa (and elsewhere) so they can continue to buy American debt that I find most disturbing.

    I would much rather donate money to Feed the Children than send a small child into a hand dug cave.

    But, I suppose it has always been "About US" and about money. About how cheaply we can get something regardless of the suffering that causes as long as it isn't in our backyard.

    Since you hoped someone would outbid my ad, I'll go make it easy for them to do so now.

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