Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green Libs: Act Now to Stop the Nuclear Energy Stimulus Bill!

I know we on the right are doing all we can to stop this super spending bill, so I wanted to give our friends on the left a reason to join us.

To all of those people who think the only way to save the planet is for people to shiver in caves, the stimulus bill is bad news. To those who think that nuclear energy has no roll in curtailing greenhouse gas emission and think that we can replace dirty energy with nothing but solar and wind, you need to act now to stop this bill. A nuclear power plant is going to build in your backyard and you are doing nothing to stop it! I am not conning you. Here is a report from a good liberal blogger.

Why is that $50 billion radioactive antique toilet still in the stimulus bill?
By Harvey Wasserman
Created Feb 9
2009 - 9:29am

The infamous $50 billion nuke power loan guarantee package meant to use your money to build new nuke reactors has gone missing from saturation media coverage of Obama’s Stimulus Package. But it’s still in the Senate version of the bill, it could be voted on this week, and it could kill us all.

We have days---maybe hours---to stop it. While aid programs to the states, for education and the truly needy are slashed, this gargantuan boondoggle is poised to sail through with virtually no public knowledge. Published on The Smirking Chimp (

If you really care about the planet read the rest of the article and act now. If you don’t act then we could become like France and get 70% of our energy from nuclear power.

I know if you are good liberal you don’t want to kill this bill. The only government programs that liberals ever disapprove of are national defense. So, I am not asking you to encourage you Congressman to kill the bill; I am asking you to call your congressman and Senator and ask them to remove this offensive provision.

Now I am for nuclear energy so why would I suggest this? Because this provision does not belong in a stimulus bill just as a lot of other things to do belong in the stimulus bill. Funding nuclear power plant insurance should stand or fail on its own merits. If Democrats get enough calls about this issue, they may decide to slow down the process of approving this bill and hold hearing to determine what is really in the bill. So, Liberals, please call your congressman now. If you don’t, then when they are building a nuclear power plant in your backyard, don’t blame me.

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