Friday, May 24, 2024

The phony outrage generated by the upside-down American flag and the Appeal to Heaven flag flown at Justice Alito's home.

by Rod Williams, May 24, 2024- Danielle Pletka, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, appeared on Meet the Press yesterday as part of the panel and passionately disputed the argument that an American flag briefly flown upside down at Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's home and the Appeal to Heaven Revolutionary War era flag flown at his beach house should require him to recuse himself from any ruling on cases involving Donald Trump. Apparently, the upside-down flag was briefly flown by Alito's wife as part of a dispute with a neighbor who called Ms Alito the obscene "C-word." 

The flag incident has been seized by libs to denigrate and diminish the court and sow distrust of the institution. They have described both the upside-down flag and the Appeal to Heaven flag as symbols of the "stop the steal" movement. I consume a lot of news including conservative and Trumpist media outlets and know a lot of Trumpinistas and if the upside-down flag or the Appeal to Heaven flag were well-known symbol of the "stop the steal" movement, I somehow missed it. 

AEI is a scholarly organization and a pre-Trump mainstream conservative organization. I have watched Pletka appear on Meet the Press and other news shows many times. She is not prone to displays of disgust and emotion. She unloads, and rightly so, at the phony outrage generated by the flags controversy. Among other points she makes is that husbands are no longer responsible for the actions of their wife and that these flags are not well-known "stop the steal" symbols. 

Here is the clip. Worth watching. 

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