Friday, April 12, 2024

Birds Aren't Real

by Rod Williams, April 12, 2024- As you patriots know a lot of weird things are happening. The Deep State is devious. Those dastardly people who have been trying to harmonize state laws dealing with commercial transaction ever since 1892 are trying to slip in a digital currency that can spy on us. Thankfully the people at Tennessee Stands is on to them and pushing back.

There is an all-out attack on our food supply, is there not? A small plane crashes into a chicken processing plant here, a grease fire at a potato chip factory there, and a sewer back up at a craft brewery. All accidents? Do you think that the Bird flu outbreak was just an accident? 

And what about the full-throated attack on Christianity. A trailer full of Bibles burns in Mt. Juliet and the mint moves the location of "In God we Trust," on the quarter, placing God in an inferior position to man. Unrelated you say? No big deal?

And chem trails? At least our state legislature is banning chem trails in Tennessee.

And the bridge collapse in Baltimore? Alex Jones says it looks deliberate and Jesse Walters says we must get to the bottom of what really happened. 

You do know that birds aren't real, don't you? At least that is the theory but of course the government won't talk about it. The government killed them all, the theory goes, and replaced them with little bird-like drones. I have a bird feeder outside my window, and I have been feeling like someone is watching me. And, the birds have been kind of wabbling when they fly. I have had my suspicions. I have not seen Jesse Walter demanding to "get to the bottom of this." I have not seen Tucker Carlson looking perplexed as he asks, "what's going on?" Have Carlson and Walters been coopted? Did the Deep State even get to them? 

Where is the State legislature?  This is every bid as big of a threat to the well-being of the people of Tennessee as is chem trails. 

For more on this Deep State treachery, watch the video and visit the Bird's aren't Real website. 

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