Thursday, March 28, 2024

So, Who Really is Responsible for the Baltimore Bridge Collapse?

 by Rod Williams, March 28, 2024- As soon as I heard of the collapse of the Baltimore bridge, my first thought was, "What a terrible accident." The first thought of a lot of people, however, was, "who did this?"  Or the first thought might have been that the Deep State is stepping up their attempt to destroy the country.

I just knew this was ripe for conspiracy theories. Let me say that I do believe America is ready for a terrorist attack.  With about 250,000 people a month illegally entering the United State, from over 160 counties, and about half of them being single military-age men, I expect we have terrorist cells in this country, and we are overdue a terrorist attack. I expect something to happen here like happened in Russia recently. However, I still believe accidents happen. 

Actually, I have not heard any conspiracy theories firsthand. I seldom watch Tucker Carlson, so I don't how he is spinning this tragedy. Not that I would expect him to clearly state a conspiracy theory as a fact. His mode of operation is to kind of lays out a few "facts," and spreads doubts about the accepted story, and lead people to reach a certain conclusion on their own.  

I seldom watch Fox News anymore and do not watch Newsmax or One America or Alex Jones, and I unsubscribed from some of the on-line Trumpinista website I was getting, so I may be missing the conspiracy theories. Also, I have sort of changed by circle of acquaintances.  I am attending less Trumpinista-type events and have "unfollowed" a lot of my Facebook "friends," who constantly post bombastic, or pro-Trump stuff, or weird conspiracy theories. So, I think I am less attuned to what is happening in right-wing world than I have been in the past. Also, however, the attack only happened on Tuesday and today is Thursday, so the theories may not be in wide circulation yet, but according to reports the theories are simmering and circulating. 

Various news sources report that conspiracy theories are spreading rapidly across the internet generating tens of millions of views on social media. CNN reports that within just a few hours of the incident, an entire alternate reality, devoid of facts, had been created around the bridge’s collapse. 

Andrew Tate, the misogynist, online personality with millions of followers, who is currently being detained for various alleged crimes in Romania said, without offering any evidence, that the ship had been “cyber-attacked” and deliberately steered toward the bridge.

Alex Jones on his show, showed clips of the collision said, “Looks deliberate to me. A cyber-attack is probable. WW3 has already started.”  

Marjorie Taylor Green did not say it was the result of Jewish Space lasers, as she said of the California wildfires last summer, she simply asked the question, “intentional attack or an accident." Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, suggested it was not an accident. He said, “This is a BLACK SWAN event." "Black Swan event," among right-wingers is a term used to describe a rare event carried out for the purpose of acquiring more power by the Deep State or to distract people from other nefarious things going on. It is similar to a "false flag event." Some theorize the Obama's may be involved, somehow some blame the Covid 19 vaccine or Covid lockdowns, and some blame Israel. A Fox News host somehow linked the bridge collapse to "wide-open border." Some blame it on the DEI culture.

As for me, I think it may have been the work of the lizard people, if there are lizard people.

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