Sunday, March 24, 2024

‘If I run, I intend to win’ — Courtney Johnston Considers Challenging Rep. Andy Ogles in GOP Primary

Council Member
Courtney Johnston

By Stephen Elliott, Nashville Banner, March 18, 2024 - ...  His exaggerated résumé, behavior in Congress and response to the Covenant School shooting are among the reasons cited by some for continuing to oppose the incumbent. Still, party leaders like U.S. Sen. Bill Hagerty and former President Donald Trump have stuck with Ogles. 

... One potential primary challenger to Ogles is Courtney Johnston, Metro councilmember for Nashville’s District 26, including the Nashville Zoo and Crieve Hall. 

“The people of Middle Tennessee deserve better than Andy Ogles,” Johnston told the Banner. “We need a tested conservative leader who can deliver and not just talk. I am taking a very close look at the district and am talking to voters. If I run, I intend to win.”

Johnston has been a reliable fundraiser, having brought in more than $50,000 for a 2023 reelection that ultimately was uncontested. On council, Johnston has been a conservative voice who has at times sought to avoid overly partisan conflicts. 

​​“A lot of my colleagues are further left-leaning, but we agree more often than not because good policy is good policy,” Johnston told the Nashville Scene last year. “I’m not out here fighting abortion or LGBT anything, like some conservative-leaning groups want me to and have pressured me to do. That’s not what I’m here to do. But we can all agree on fiscal responsibility.”

Others Weighing, Have Considered a Run

Baxter Lee, a local businessman who comes from a prominent Knoxville family, likely is being kept off the ballot for a second cycle in a row after the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee voted to fast-track a new, stricter bona fide standard for GOP candidates in the state. ...

Tom Guarente, a Nashville-area cybersecurity company executive, has filed paperwork to run as a Republican. He moved to the area six years ago from Ohio, where he briefly ran for Congress a decade ago. 

Rod's Comment: If she runs, she has my vote. Johnson is smart, hardworking, and conservative. She is also reasonable and sane. While being sane should go without saying, in today's Republican Party being sane cannot be taken for granted.  Andy Ogles has been an embarrassment. 

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