Sunday, March 24, 2024

Yesterday's The Tennessee Conservative’s Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally kind of Fizzled.

by Rod Williams, March 21, 2024- Yesterday's Protect Tennessee's Borders Rally kind of fizzled.  The Tennessee Conservative, the sponsor of the rally said "over 200" people attended. The event had speakers including Sen. Janice Bowling, a spokesman for Mom's for Liberty, Pamela Furr from Americans for Prosperity, Sen. Mark Pody, Rep. Bryan Richey, someone from The Tennessee Conservative, and others. It takes a certain amount of people to put something like this together, to make signs, set up the sound system, man info tables and more. So, with at least 8 parties putting this on, they and their staff or family or co-workers make up a sizeable chunk of those in attendance. And, there are always a few mildly curious at an event like this, and some people who just wander by and stop to see what is going on, So, subtract organizers, speakers, mildly curious and accidental attendees and that leaves only a handful of people attending who make up a public there in support of the rally's agenda. Rallies and protest are fun and yesterday was a pretty day, so I would say the rally was not a success.

I didn't attend it. I had more important things to do. I might have dropped by to observe if I would not have had something more fun to do but was not very motivated to attend.  For one, while I know there is a crisis at the southern border, I did not see a specific focus of this rally. Secondly, I looked at some of the speakers, such as Sen. Janice Bowing who is sponsoring and promoting a nutty piece of nullification legislation, and just did not think these are the type of people I feel an ideological kinship with anymore. Also, I do not identify as part of the same movement as The Tennessee Conservative. I have not documented and cannot enumerate my disagreements, but the organization seems too bombastic, insufficiently thoughtful, and too Trumpinista for my taste. Their reporting conveys a kind of paranoid, conspiratorial mindset.  

Also, the rally's ire was aimed at Governor Bill Lee and a couple other people. I don't know the specifics of the complaint against Lee as it relates to the crisis of illegal immigration. It would take some convincing to convince me he is supporting or facilitating illegal immigration in Tennessee, and I have so much else to read and such little confidence in The Tennessee Conservative's opinion that I have not bother to read their case against him. 

It looks like the rally fizzled and I am not disappointed. 

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