Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Republicans’ Moment of Choosing

The GOP can be the party with integrity and a relentless commitment to telling hard truths, or we can be the party that gives in to fanciful lies.

By KEN BUCK, NR Plus, November 1, 2023 - The United States is on a collision course with reality. Our skyrocketing national debt and the impending insolvency of Medicare and Social Security are just a few of the crises on the horizon. Washington, D.C., is ill equipped to address these problems, however. The political culture, captivated by social media’s instant gratification, almost exclusively pursues short-term victories, ignoring long-term problems.

Difficult problems require serious solutions, of course, but they also require a willingness to tell hard truths. And neither party in Washington is willing to tell the truth to the American people these days.

Democrats, for their part, have spent decades promoting falsehoods about the consequences of our spending policies, expanding the role of the federal government and about the fragile state of Social Security and Medicare. They are committed to big spending — not to the truth.

Meanwhile, Washington Republicans have been too busy rewriting history to be bothered with tackling our nation’s problems. (Continue reading)

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