Friday, August 25, 2023

The final Alice Rolli and Freddie O'Connell Nashville mayoral debate on August 24

by Rod Williams, August 25, 2023- This is a good debate with serious questions asked and answered and shows a clear distinction between the candidates. 
Takeaways from the debate:
  • Alice Rolli says she is concerned that our city returned $5.25 million to the state, money allocated to put school resource officers in schools. 
  • Alice says we should be able to find a reasonable way to temporarily separate a dangerous individual from their firearms. Freddie O'Connell also supports a risk protection order bill. 
  • Freddie supports a bill requiring safe storage of guns in vehicles. 
  • In response to the question, should we have an officer in every school and should the State overide Metro's decision not to do that. Freddie says no; Alice says yes. Alice says schools should be as safe as other government buildings. 
  • Alice expresses a desire to work with the State and Freddie says we must "defend Nashville's interest." 
  • On the question of affordable housing, neither candidate have much new to say.  Freddie advocates doing more of the same; Alice says increasing property taxes makes housing less affordable and she will not raise taxes. 
  • On transit policy neither have anything very interesting to say and little disagreement. 
  • Alice ask Freddie about why he opposed license plate readers. he says parts of the city feel "over surveilled." He is concerned license plate readers might track women seeking an abortion, and that the results of which criminals get caught will not be equitable. (See timestamp 35:10)
  • Alice makes the point that Metro Nashville has more debt than the entire state of Tennessee.
  • Both candidates express moderate support for the proposed racetrack at the fairgrounds.
  • Alice says that if a parent lives in a zone with a failing school and the parents wishes to apply for a out-of-zone school, Metro should provide transportation to that school.
  • A focus of Alice's campaign is improving education and greater school choice. 

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