Saturday, August 26, 2023

Metro Council At-Large Candidate Forum on Neighborhoods

by Rod Williams, August 26, 2023- On Wednesday of last week Neighbor 2 Neighbor hosted a virtual Town Hall Candidate Forum with the eight remaining At-Large Metro Council Candidates.  ​Councilmember Burkley Allen, Chris Cheng, Quin Evans-Segall, Olivia Hill, Howard Jones, Councilmember Delishia Porterfield, Councilmember Russ Pulley, and Councilmember Jeff Syracuse all participated in the forum. You can watch the video of that forum above. 

Questions asked of the candidates were submitted by registrants of the event and the organizing committee selected five questions. Topics addressed include public safety and crime, affordable housing, development, and transit. This forum gives you an insight into who is thoughtful and knowledgeable and who is just frustrated and doesn't have a clue. 

While one may vote for up to four candidates for at-large, I am only going to vote for one person for at-large. Voting for one person makes your vote carry much more weight. Voting for one person is almost the same as voting for that one person four times. 

The candidate I am voting for is Councilmember Russ Pulley. The reason I am a strong supporter of Russ is because he is a strong advocate for funding the police. At a time when the city was going to cut the police budget, Russ fought to keep that from happening and avoided cutting the police budget, winning that battle by just one vote of the Council. That is the kind of leadership we need in the Council. You can read about it here: Radicals lose fight to defund police, instead Council increases police funding by $2.6 million.  

In my view ensuring public safety is the most important thing local government does. Those who want to cut the police budget are still serving in the Council. Our police department is short 200 policemen from being fully staffed and crime is on the rise.  We need an advocate for public safety on the Metro Council. In addition to his advocacy for public safety, Russ is thoughtful and moderate, hardworking, does his homework, and has a heart for serving our city.

While I am only voting for one candidate for at-large and urge you to do the same, if I were going to vote for more than one, I would vote for Councilmember Burkley Allen and Councilmember Jeff Syracuse. 

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