Thursday, August 24, 2023

Nashville Mayoral Forum with Freddie O' Connell & Alice Rolli on recognizing, protecting, and improving North Nashville.

by Rod Williams, August 24. 2023- If you don't live in north Nashville, you may be tempted to skip this forum, but I urge you to watch it.  This is insightful as to the different approaches of the two candidates for mayor. 

I think in this mayor's race we have two well informed and thoughtful candidates. Both do a good job of respectfully making their case as to why their philosophical approach to government is the right one. This is exemplified in this debate. 

In answer to a question about how to preserve affordable housing, Alice makes the point that the drastic increase in taxes has forced many people to have to sell their home because they cannot afford the higher taxes. She says she will hold the line and will not increase taxes. 
In answer to a question about what you would do to ensure "inclusive" economic development, Freddie advocates the use of government to ensure minorities and women get their share of government contracts.  In reality this means preferences and quotas and experience has shown that does not work. I worked in government or the non-profit housing sector for a long time and these programs are routinely gamed.  Freddie advocates more of the same.
Alice says we must ensure that minorities are uplifted through improved education. She says we see differences in literacy rates between different parts of the city. We need to uplift people so minorities can equally compete for higher paying jobs and opportunities. Alice makes the point several times that human capital is the key to improving the lives of the disadvantaged. 

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