Sunday, July 23, 2023

Jason Aldean’s critics have clearly never been to a small town

by Teresa Mull, The Spectator, July 19, 2023- Country music superstar Jason Aldean has come under fire for a song that condemns violent crime and promotes the Second Amendment. But the people trying to cancel “Try That In A Small Town” are desperate race-baiters who have evidently never visited a small town (the song has been playing on country stations since May, but the left has only just now become outraged by it). Though their charge that the song is a “pro-lynching” anthem is obvious nonsense, Aldean is correct in saying such absurd rhetoric must be addressed, as leaving it unchecked is “dangerous.”

The song lists a series of crimes — sucker-punching somebody on a sidewalk, carjacking an old lady at a red light, pulling a gun on the owner of a liquor store, cussing out a cop and spitting in his face and stomping on the flag and lighting it up — before the refrain asserts such behavior is unacceptable in small towns, where people “take care of our own.” (continue reading)

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