Friday, February 03, 2023

Jim Garrett will not seek reelection as Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party

From Jim Garret, Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party:  

Davidson County Republican Party,

It is with humility that I’m writing to you today. I’m very appreciative to have been given the opportunity to lead for these past three years such selfless, energized, and good patriotic conservatives we have. I diligently strove to the best of my ability to fulfill my duties as Chairman of the DCRP.

After countless hours spent growing our county party while also supporting local candidates and keeping abreast of city and county happenings, I realize I have also been fortunate to attend meetings regarding state-wide legislation. It is due to these meetings, in part, that I feel my talents are better used elsewhere.

Although I have enjoyed the successes, and we have been able to accomplish greatly in getting our grassroots membership grown down to the precinct level, I feel it is time to turn my energies towards affecting public policy for all Tennesseans. It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I thank each of you for all the effort you have put forth voluntarily to make Nashville a better place.

I am officially notifying you that I will not seek the position of Chairman in our upcoming reorganization meeting.

I submit that Lonnie Spivak will make an excellent Chairman and will do my utmost to help him secure that position. Thank you all for your dedicated service.

Warmest regards always,

James B. Garrett

James B. Garrett


Davidson Co. Republican Party

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