Monday, January 30, 2023

I'm Back!

I'm Back!
by Rod Williams, Jan. 30, 2023- About the middle of January, I went to open my blog, and instead of my blog, I got a message that A Disgruntled Republican was now available if one wanted to purchase that domain name. The link on that page led to a blog broker.  If one wants a particular domain name and it is owned by someone else, a blog broker tries to buy that domain name from the one who owns it and resell it to the one who wants it. That was not my situation. 

What had happened is that my blog domain registration was set for automatic renewal and a credit card on file with Google had expired.  I had simply overlooked this.  The behind the curtain stuff of a blog can be complicated.  I thought if I simply updated by credit card I would get my blog back. Since that is something I only have to infrequently do, even that was not simple. After updating with valid credit card information, I still did not recover my blog.

I won't bore you with all the details but I had conversations with GoDaddy, email exchanges with Google, email exchanges with a domain broker, and hours and hours on the computer leading to dead ends. I have been blogging for 18 years and have over 9,000 posts. I thought I had lost it all. Fortunately, somehow, after hours of blindly trying, and not sure how, I found and recovered my blog platform and the content and all of my 18 years of blog posts. I was relieved to know it was not all lost, but that still did not restore my blog.  

In the meantime, I was making inquiries as to who might could help me.  Thankfully, I found someone. I won't mention him by name, but he is a fellow conservative and has a full-time job, and is also attending law school. His plate is full, but he helped me. I am thankful. Doing web pages and helping people with blog issues is a part-time gig for this person.  I would like to publicly thank him, but he doesn't need additional work in the IT field, so I won't mention his name. I am grateful for his help.

He tried hard to restore my blog but was unable to reclaim the domain name for me. He was, however, able to reestablish my blog with a different domain name and link my Blogger platform to a new domain name.  My old domain name was A disgruntled Republican; my new domain name is The Disgruntled Republican.  That means that I have lost all of my subscribers and people who had my blog pinned in their "favorites" list. Hopefully, over time, I can rebuild my list of followers.

I am happy to be back in business! If you are a former follower please follow me at this new link

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