Monday, September 19, 2022

Set Her Free-Dilara needs both parents in her life.

Lydia A Hubbell and Dilara Gider
by Rod Williams, Sept. 19, 2022- Bad things happen to good people and justice is often elusive and life is not fair. The story of how Lydia A Hubbell came to have her daughter totally cut out of her life is a heartbreaking story.  I have gotten to know Lydia well, and know her to be a good person.  I have read the court filing in her case and have watched videos of court proceedings.  While often, there are two sides to a story, I can see absolutely no justification for why Lydia was totally cut off from her daughter. When Lydia lost joint custody and then visitation, she tried for supervised visitation and could not even get that. 

The only thing I can figure out is that the father of her child, Sinan Gider is an evil person who was willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to achieve his goal of cutting Lydia out of his child's life. Lydia is low-income and has limited resources. Lydia lost because she was simply out-lawyered.

Lydia has refused to meekly accept the reality that she is prohibited from contact with her daughter and has gone to jail for such things as protesting in front of her child's school and for violating a restraining order. One of those occurrences was when she had gone months with no contact.  She did not know if her daughter was dead or alive or even still in the state or the country. Authorities would not make a wellness check or give her any information.  Lydia went to the house to confirm her daughter was still alive and there, and went to jail for the offense.

Don't think something similar could not happen to you.  While the rights of fathers are more secure now than when I was fighting for visitation with my daughter 35 years ago, there are still parents who are cut out of their child's life for no valid reason and DHS continues to unjustly take children from parents. Ever since I had to fight for visitation with my daughter, the issue of parental rights and the government's abuse of children has been an issue of concern for me. Your right to parent your child is a fragile right that you could lose at any time. 

A current issue that should concern civil libertarians is that Lydia is prohibited from even mentioning Sinan Gider's name or even posting public documents that mention him. Regardless of the custody issues at hand and other related issues, such a blanket gag order should be concerning to anyone who values free speech. 

Lydia does not have any information about her child. There have been times when the father was ordered to bring her to court but he did not and was not punished for not doing so.  The last Lydia knew her daughter attended Meigs school. Lydia is prohibited from finding out the status of her daughter. She is prohibited from contacting the school.  She would love to know how her daughter is doing in school, if she is still at Meigs, if she is well adjusted, what activities she is involved in and any snippet of information she could glean. 

Anyone interested in learning more about this miscarriage of justice and offering moral support to Lydia can follow her on her membership Facebook page at Set Her Free-Dilara needs both parents.  Also, one can follow Lydia on her public Facebook page at Lydia Hubbell

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