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Hold Onto Your Wallet When Quincy McKnight Runs For Mayor

Hattie Bryant
by Hattie Bryant, Sept. 15, 2022 - Quincy McKnight said when he quit his race for the 5th Congressional seat that he will run for mayor of Nashville so heads up, hold on to your wallet.  Quincy has branded himself as a business owner and as one who wants to serve in public office. It’s not even 2023 yet, the year when we get a chance to elect a new mayor, and he’s taken two men who thought they were friends to the cleaners.  These are men I’ll call Joe and Tom.  

Quincy asked both men for loans for “just one week” and now months later all they have from Quincy is a list of lies.

Quincy told both Joe and Tom, "We (Covenant Pay Partners) need a one-week bridge loan. We have just received a check from a customer for $900,000 and our bank needs some time to check it out."  

Joe is a known political operative and was introduced to Quincy by a well-meaning neighbor.  The neighbor was impressed by Quincy; everyone is for the first 10 minutes.  Little did Joe know that by agreeing to run Quincy’s super PAC for his mayoral race that the short-lived relationship could end up in court. 

A few weeks after meeting for the first time, Quincy, using the $900,000-check-on-hold excuse, convinced Joe to loan him $26,000 for just one week to help him pay for his upcoming wedding.  Now many weeks have passed that have been full of excuses but no loan repayment.  Quincy has even promised to return the loan soon with 300% interest.  

Fed up with Quincy, Joe has been calling all the men he knows who have given Quincy donations for campaigns in the past to expose Quincy’s criminal behavior.  Guess what? At the time of this writing, Quincy is no longer running for mayor. Quincy texted to Joe on June 13, “You calling Glenn (Funk our DA) and Steve (Smith the owner of Tootsie’s) is fine.  Screw politics.  I don’t care. You already know I’m not running. I don’t need those people any longer.”

Glenn Funk and Steve Smith please take note: Quincy doesn’t need you anymore.

What Quincy needs is a one-week bridge loan of $120,000 to make payroll.

A woman who does straight commission sales for Covenant Pay Partners which is owned 51% by Quincy introduced her hard-working friend, the man I call Tom, to Quincy for the purposes of a short-term lending opportunity.  Tom was skeptical, but when he asked her if the deal was solid, she reassured him, “It is 10,000 percent solid.”  With that vote of confidence, Tom met Quincy on the morning of April 4th in Quincy’s office at Covenant Pay Partners.  Quincy told Tom, “We need a one-week bridge loan of $120,000 to make payroll.  We have just received a check from a customer for $900,000 but our bank has a temporary hold on the check due to its size.  It should clear in another 24-48 hours, and we’ll pay you right back, by the end of the week at the latest.  Near the end of their meeting, Quincy was even audacious enough to joke that he had to make good on payroll obligations because “you just don’t mess with people’s money.”

Keep in mind, Covenant Pay Partners may have no more than three on a payroll as the salespeople are 1099s. Keep in mind that paying commissions late simply means the company is using its salespeople as a bank.  

Quincy, and many others I might add, use running for office to build the brand of their businesses and even to enjoy some lifestyle choices that their regular income might not support.  Donations can be funny money and donors like to dote on their favorites.  Please read about Quincy McKnight's past runs for public office which resulted in him running into brick walls and taking donor cash on the run.  (Add links to other articles)

When Quincy told me over the phone that he is a very wealthy man with a trust fund,  I intuited he was lying and here's new evidence my gut is right.  

Tom was trying to make sure his friend got paid her commissions and trusted that Covenant Pay Partners is a business run by the businessmen you can read about on the website, Dan Percey and Quincy McKnight look like they are doing good by doing right. Too bad this is not the case.

Too bad also that Tom wired the money to Quincy’s personal account, not to Covenant Pay Partners account, as was represented during their meeting.  This could mean that Dan Percey has no idea that Quincy is using CPP as a cover to defraud friends for personal use--not to save the business from failure.

These two one-week loans have not been paid back and now 20+ weeks have passed and Quincy has been served notice that Tom has filed a lawsuit seeking his $120K plus damages.  

Since being served, Quincy has been spending time in Ft. Lauderdale but we hear he is back in Nashville now trying to borrow more money to pay his Ft. Lauderdale rent before he is evicted.  I am also being told that Dan Percey is now aware that Quincy has scammed 12 victims out of a total of $1.5 million.

Looks like Quincy McKnight is a fraud committing fraud. The gift to all of us is more truth is rising about a man who is gifted at posing, posturing, and pretending.  Just maybe the handsome and ever charming Quincy is out of politics.

Yet, we have on tape Quincy saying, "When I run for mayor, I hope none of the women I have been with come forward because I've been with a lot of women."  Maybe I take it back.  Let him run. Let's hear from the women!  Just remember my advice is don’t give him a penny and for sure don’t give him a one-week loan.

Hattie Bryant is the District 19 Chair for the Davidson County Republican Party.  Learn more about her at Where soulcare meets healthcare.

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  1. I may be willing to spill some beans if I can be guaranteed anonymity AND especially not be turned against for clicks bc I do not share the same values of you all. I’m ready to bring him down but not at the risk of Republicans turning against me publicly. I have a family & valid business to protect.I am one story you would love to have that you only have a piece of.

    I’ll check back here for a reply & contemplate it more. If you want the publish this comment first maybe he will get the message to make things right. Not likely but he will know who this is. Maybe it’ll scare him a little