Tuesday, September 20, 2022

A Gay fairy tale (no pun intended) is in Metro primary school libraries.

From a Moms for Liberty Davidson County email:

Rod's Comment: In my view, this book should not be available in school libraries. Libraries cannot offer every book published, so someone must decide what gets carried and what does not.  Woke progressives view failure to shelve a particular book promoting the gay agenda or the critical race theory agenda as "censorship."  Choosing one book over another is not censorship.  Failure to choose to carry a certain book is not "book banning."  

I do not trust librarians to make the decision of what to place on the shelves and new procedures need to be in place to guide what books make it to the school library shelves. At the primary school level, I favor a policy that would be denounced as "don't say gay."  

Deciding what books to carry and who gets to make that decision can be complicated. There are fundamentalist Christians I would not want making the decision. My dad would have prohibited any books in which alcohol was mentioned or evolution. I would not have wanted him picking the books for the school library. 

 I applaud Moms for Liberty for letting parents know what is going on in public schools. 

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