Friday, August 19, 2022

Williamson County DA Secretly Indicts Connie Reguli for Aggravated Perjury

by Peter White, The Tennessee Tribune, August 17, 2022, FRANKLIN, TN – Williamson County

District Attorney Kim Helper has escalated the prosecution of family law attorney Connie Reguli. Helper issued an arrest warrant against Reguli last Thursday for aggravated perjury. Reguli surrendered herself at the Williamson County Sheriff’s office Friday morning. She was booked and released on her own recognizance. She did not get a copy of the indictment when she was booked.

Williamson County District Attorney Kim Helper issued an arrest warrant for Connie Reguli on Thursday, August 11, but did not file the charges with the Criminal Court Clerk until Monday, August 15.  The Tribune has had trouble getting a copy of the charges. ... Secret communications between judges and prosecutors, called ex parte, are illegal. Reguli has accused DCS of wrongfully taking children from their families via ex parte removal orders when parents and their attorneys are not properly notified. Reguli said that is what happened in her case.  ... Family advocates like Reguli say that common practice violates due process guarantees of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. (read more)


Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli indicted on aggravated perjury charge following legal battles

By Matt Masters,  Williamson Home Page, Aug 18, 2022 -Embattled Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli has been indicted on a new criminal charge stemming from a lawsuit she filed against Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson earlier this year. 

A Williamson County grand jury indicted 70-year-old Reguli on the charge of aggravated perjury, a Class D felony.

According to the indictment, Reguli allegedly intentionally made a false statement or submitted false information under oath, specifically a claim that Reguli "reimbursed CASA [Court Appointed Special Advocates] for $3,145.50." (read more)

Rod's Comment: August 19, 2022- If you are active in conservative circles in the Middle Tennessee area, you are probably aware of Connie Reguli.  She is active in several conservative groups and most recently ran for Juvenile Court judge as a Republican in Williamson County. While readers of this blog may know her primarily as a political activist, Connie Reguli is known by many others, as a champion of parental rights. 

I have long had an interest in this issue, stemming from my own experience as a divorced father who had to fight for his right to have regular visitation with his young daughter. While I never got entangled with DHS or had my parental rights or visitation rights revoked, I had to fight to have regular visitation enforced. During this time, I got involved with a couple of parents' rights groups, one called DAD (Dads Against Discrimination) and another called PARENT (I can't recall the acronym). While in these groups, which were as much self-support groups as political activist groups, I heard many stories of the system abusing parental rights and acting in what certainly did not seem to be the best interest of the child. Many of these stores were heartbreaking.  Thankfully, since that time, there has been meaningful reform that levels the playing field for fathers who want to remain active in their child's life. 

Unfortunately, there is still much that needs to be done to protect the rights of parents who simply want to have a loving relationship with their children. I have a close friend who has been cut out of her child's life.  I have learned the details of her case and am convinced that justice has not been served. My view is that the legal system often abuses parents and children.  Often a vindictive parent can win by simply having the means to outspend the other parent on legal fees. 

I have a favorable view of Connie Reguli. I am glad that there is someone focused on the rights of parents and someone willing to fight the abuses of DHS.  That is not to say, that I have not heard some criticisms of Connie Reguliand. I don't know all of the ins and outs of some of the controversies in which she has been involved.  I know that sometimes, maybe often, in issues involving visitation, custody, and parental rights, justice is not served. Connie Reguli is in my view a fighter for justice. I wish her well.

Below are a couple links to other posts of mine concerning Connie Reguli.

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