Saturday, July 30, 2022

Will Senator Josh Hawley's Manhood meet expectation?

by Rod Williams, July 30, 2022 - This is laugh-out-loud funny, and I just have to share it. 

I assume you know who Josh Hawley is? He is the Senator from Missouri who when walking into the Capitol on January 6th gave a fist pump to the already rowdy crowd of Trumpinista insurrectionists being held back by Capitol police. It is reported his fist pump further riled the mob. Later he is filmed running 
for his life in the Capitol trying to flee the angry mob. (link)

Well, Josh Hawley has a new book to come out in May of next year called Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America NeedsJohna Goldberg of The Dispatch has some fun at Hawley's expense.  Here it is:
Sen. Josh Hawley has a book coming out titled Manhood. I would love to see the internal discussions at Regnery about how to market Josh Hawley’s Manhood. How many times did the editors say, “Let’s keep it short,” or, “Hawley’s Manhood is running implausibly long.” When his Manhood goes on sale, eager customers will go to the store to grab Hawley’s Manhood at full price, others will wait until it ends up at Costco where his Manhood will be available for cheap, and others will simply say that Hawley’s Manhood is cheap at any price and always for sale. 

Critical reviewers will suffer from a literary version of Peyronie's disease and bend whole paragraphs toward declaring the prose in Josh Hawley’s Manhood limp and his reasoning less than rigid and hard to grasp. Favorable reviewers will strain to avoid calling the insights of Josh Hawley’s Manhood seminal. His comms people will gird their loins for his Manhood’s first sales reports. Will Hawley’s Manhood have a soft debut? If so, they will hold out hope that demand will eventually swell. If Hawley’s Manhood rises to the occasion and stores sell out of his Manhood, eager buyers will go out to search in vain for Hawley’s Manhood.

Now, that's funny.


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