Tuesday, July 26, 2022

So, is the Tennessee Conservatives PAC which is attacking Andy Ogles a Left-wing Pac, or a Trumpinista PAC, or a California Billionaire RINO PAC?

... And, do I care?

by Rod Williams, June 26, 2022-  The Tennesee Conservatives PAC had previously supported Trump's favorite candidate for the 5th Congressional district, Morgan Ortagus, before she was disqualified to run as a Republican by the Tennessee Republican Party.  Now the PAC has been running attack ads against Andy Ogles, a candidate for the 5th Congressional District nomination. The PAC is also supporting Tennesee State Senator Jack Johnson's opponent. Andy Ogles called the PAC, a "left-wing PAC." That seems to me, frankly, to be out of left field. The online publication and organization Tennessee Conservative says the PAC is funded by a California billionaire and Tennessee RINOs.  Despite labeling it as such the details of the article reveal the deep ties and financial funding from Donald Trump.

So, which is it? Conservative? Left-wing? RINO? Trumpinista? My conclusion from all of this is that the terms "left-wing," "Conservative," and "RINO," have no meaning when used by one Republican to describe another except to signal condemnation or virtue depending on how they are used. To call yourself a "conservative," may mean you are a right-wing nut job or Trump worshiper as opposed to what the term used to mean. To call someone "left-wing," may mean they don't support you. And, of course, the term "RINO," is the catch-all term to describe any Republican with whom you may have a difference of opinion. 

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