Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Morgan Ortagus don't know much about history, don't know much geography.

by Rod Williams, March 2, 2022 - Morgan Ortagus was interviewed by talk radio show host Michael Patrick Leahy recently and it was revealed she doesn't really know much about the district she hopes to represent in Congress. 

She doesn't know which interstates run through the 5th Congressional District. She does not know who Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest was. She could not name Kix Brooks as the owner of the Franklin winery she said she had visited. She was unfamiliar with NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip, and could not name Ray Blanton as the Democrat governor who served time in prison for crimes committed while in office.

This was embarrassing. I wonder what else she doesn't know. Also, she revealed, she does not drive.  That sounds kind of out of touch and elitist. You don't have to drive a car or know those things she didn't know to be a good Congressman but I tend to think one should know a little bit about the state and district and people they hope to represent. To listen to the interview, follow this link

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  1. Rod, except for Nathan Bedford Forrest I barely know those other folks, didn't know Kix Brooks owned a winery and I've lived here for 14 years. I heard her speak Saturday and I was impressed with her knowledge of foreign policy and issues. Now what she knows of domestic issues besides some buzzwords like CRT I don't know but she did strike me as a solid conservative. Now all that said, voters will still have to stack her against her opponents.

  2. And I would add yours is still a fair point; after all, she is running to REPRESENT this district. How can she represent a district she knows very little about? I like her conservatism and she is ahead of the pack of those I have some knowledge of (Harwell, Winstead, and "Starbuck" (Newsom)). I know nothing about Baxter Lee or Natisha Brooks. She sorely needs to learn more to qualify herself for this district's voters.