Sunday, January 09, 2022

ERICKSON: The Real Truth Of Jan. 6

Protesters crowd the rotunda of the state Capitol in
Madison, Wisconsin on February 24, 2011. The building
 has been the scene of 24-hour demonstrations against
the state budget proposed by Republican Gov. Scott
Walker for the past 10 days. UPI/Brian Kersey

By  Erick Erickson, Jan 8, 2022,  DailyWire- The truth is Jan. 6 was a dark day in the history of our republic. Fueled by repeated lies from President Donald Trump, a group of men and women stormed the United States Capitol to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote. Along with those men and women were many more who wandered in, curious, thinking they were allowed to be there. We should not lump them all in together, but we should not give the veneer of patriotism to the criminal trespassers.

The truth is a lot of Republicans who condemned the activities of the day have now tried to claim it was something worth celebrating or was not bad. ...

In 2009, progressive activists stormed the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. ...  Progressives were trying to stop a vote making Wisconsin a right-to-work state, which would undermine labor union powers. Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it an “impressive show of democracy” and said she stood with the protesters. The media was mostly matter-of-fact about it and by no means condemnatory. 

... In Texas, protesters stormed the State Capitol in Austin to stop Republicans from passing a pro-life measure. ... In Washington, D.C., progressive activists stormed the United States Capitol to stop the vote on Brett Kavanaugh and to intimidate United States senators. ... the coordinated and concerted Democratic efforts starting in 2000 to treat any election they lose as illegitimate. Bush was “selected not elected,” and Trump was fraudulently accused of being bought and paid for by the Russians. 

...The bottom line is all of these should be condemned, but we should not be surprised some Republicans got tired of playing by the rules after two decades of Democrats breaking them without consequence. (Read it all)

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