Saturday, February 10, 2018

Which Council members voted for and which voted against investigating Mayor Barry

On February 6th the Council passes Resolution RS2018-1039, a resolution to establish a Special Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding  Mayor Barry's sexual affair with a subordinate and to look into travel and other expenses, including overtime expenses to determine if there was an improper use of public money.

Council Member Vercher requested a suspension of the rules to allow the resolution to be heard and no objections were made. After some discussion the resolution passed. The vote was 30 "yes," 7 "no", and no abstentions and none not voting.

Here are the Council members who voted in favor of an investigation
John Cooper, At-large           Eric Gilmore, At-Large Mendes                   Sharon Hurt, At-Large
Jim Shulman, At-large            DeCosta Hastings, District 1                        Brenda Haywood, District 2
Robert Swope, District 4        Scott Davis, District 5                                   Doug Pardue, District 10
Larry Hagar, District 11          Steve Glover, District 12                              Holly Huezo, District 13
Keven Rhoten, District 14       Jeff Syracuse, District 15                             Mike Freeman, District 16
Colby Sledge, District 17        Freedie O'Connell, District 19           Mary Carolyn Roberts, District 20
Sheri Weiner, District 22         Mina Johnson, District 23                         Kathleen Murphy, District 24
Jeremy Elrod, District 26         Davette Blalock, District 27                     Tanaka Vercher, District 28
Karen Johnson, District 29      Jason Potts, District 30                              Jacobia Dowell, District 32
Angie Henderson, District 34   Dave Rosenberg, District 35

These are the Council members who voted against an investigation
Bret Withers, District 6            Anthony Davis, District 7                          Nancy VanReece, District 8
Bill Pridemore, District 9         Burkely Allen, District 18                          Russ Pulley, District 25                                      Fabian Bedne, District 31

If you are unsure who is your council member, you can use this look-up tool at this link. In looking for factions or voting patterns, one should use caution in reading too much into the way members vote on an issue especially when the vote is so lopsided. However, I observe that all of the Black members of the Council voted for the investigation, the four identified Republican members of the Council voted for the investigation. The two openly homosexual members of the Council voted against  the investigation. There was no pattern to the way female councilmen voted, some voted for the investigation and some against.

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