Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Mayor Megan Barry scandal is national news

Living in Nashville and consuming local news one may not realize that the scandal involving Mayor Barry's affair with a subordinate and misuse of public funds to facilitate the affair is national news and even international news, but it is.  There is not much insight to be gained from reading about it in other newspapers, most are apparently just a repackaging of The Tennessean's reporting, but it is interesting to see the twist other outlets put on the story.  One source said it was like an episode of Nashville, the prime time soap opera. Others point out she is Nashville's first women mayor and her progressive politics. One source describe her as "one of the Democratic Party's brightest Southern stars."

The Story has been carried by AP,, ABC, CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post, Fortune magazine,  and UK's Daily Mail. The Daily Mail story had several pictures and video clips. Here are some excerpts from other news sources carrying the story:

The New York Times: I Know That God Will Forgive Me,’ the Nashville Mayor Says. But Will the Voters?

Mayor Megan Barry, the first woman to lead this city, has been the kind of politician who seemed to effortlessly reflect the tenor of her place and time. Like others in booming Nashville, she is an ambitious transplant, socially liberal but business-friendly, a non-Southerner comfortable in a Southern context. It is a formula that has earned her poll numbers that would be the envy of any politician.

But in recent days, scandal has threatened to dim one of the Democratic Party’s brightest Southern stars.  ....

Hollywood Live: Megan Barry: 5 Things To Know About The Married Nashville Mayor Who Admitted To Having An Affair.

(more to come)

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