Sunday, February 18, 2018

The best defense of the second amendment and agruement agaisnt gun control I have ever heard.

Rod Williams's Comment: I agree with the statement of Richard Upchurch above. This is one of the clearest arguments I have ever heard explaining why we must protect the right to bear arms. I also think he frames the argument well in replying to those who want to impose gun control. Why do they never propose repealing the Second Amendment? Why? Why do those who want to impose gun control  not come out and clearly say it is time to repeal the Second Amendment?

What they want to do is ignore it; not repeal it. If that can happen then none of our liberties are secure. If we can take away the right to bear arms by ignoring the Second Amendment, we can take away freedom of the press little by little, not by repealing the First Amendment but by ignoring it and rationalizing that it is antiquated and that "hate speech" must be prohibited. After all, when the First Amendment was written there were no blogs or Facebook or TV or radio.  If the Second Amendment can be ignored due to public opinion and public opinion turns against the right to bear arms, then all of our liberties can depend on the public opinion of the moment.

For those who might be wondering, this speech is not really delivered before Congress but is a segment of Bill Whittle's Virtual State of the Union address.

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