Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump's pick of Rex Tillerson bodes well for the environment

Environmental activist who have been upset that President-elect Trump picked a global warming skeptic to head the EPA should be comforted by the Secretary of State pick of Rex Tillerson. The CEO of Exxon accepts the theory of global warming and supports a carbon tax.

I have always thought environmental activist were hypocritical about their effort to curtail carbon emissions.  Most have never embraced a revenue-neutral carbon tax. They support a carbon tax that increases the size of government, it they support the approach of a carbon tax at all. They prefer heavy-handed command and control, big government coercion over economic forces. I think many environmentalist are economics deniers.  There liberal ideology is more important than effectively combating climate change.  Most also oppose atomic energy and natural gas obtained by fracking.  The switch from coal to low-emission clean natural gas has done more to reduce carbon emission than all government action but if it were up to environmentalist we would not have had the increased production of natural gas.

I accept the theory of climate change.  I have always thought that if we are to effectively fight climate change, the solution would come from those who believe in the science of economics and market forces, and those who support the clean energy of atomic power, not from environmental activist and global warming alarmist. I think there is reason to be encouraged that we will make advances in combating climate change in the selection of Rex Tillerson to head State.

Below is a recent statement from Rex Tillerson on the topic of climate change and a carbon tax:

At ExxonMobil, we share the view that the risks of climate change are serious and warrant thoughtful action. Addressing these risks requires broad-based, practical solutions around the world. Importantly, as a result of the Paris agreement, both developed and developing countries are now working together to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while recognizing differing national responsibilities, capacities and circumstances. In our industry, the best hope for the future is to enable and encourage long-term investments in both proven and new technologies, while supporting effective policies.

Which is what we are doing. We have long supported a carbon tax as the best policy of those being considered. Replacing the hodge-podge of current, largely ineffective regulations with a revenue-neutral carbon tax would ensure a uniform and predictable cost of carbon across the economy. It would allow market forces to drive solutions. It would maximize transparency, reduce administrative complexity, promote global participation and easily adjust to future developments in our understanding of climate science as well as the policy consequences of these actions.
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