Monday, May 18, 2015

1st Quarter update on Who is contributing to the Bill Freeman Campaign

Bill Freeman
 The candidate who has raised the most money and most of  in amounts of  $1,500.

I have examined Mr. Freeman's 1st quarter campaign financial disclosure report which is for the period that ended March 31st, 2015, which had a report due date of April 10th.

Mr. Freeman began the quarter with a balance on hand of $1,500 had receipts of $1,110,175 and ended the period with a balance on hand of $751,293. The candidate loaned his campaign an aggregate of $530,000. He reports in-kind contributions of almost $8,000.

Among the expenditures this quarter is $3,500 for consulting services paid to State Representative and Metro Council member Brenda Gilmore and  $18,090 to Metro Councilman Jerry Maynard for consulting services.

One thing interesting about Freeman's report is that most of his itemized contributions are for the maximum of $1,500. How does that happen? How are contributors persuaded to write checks for $1,500, rather than smaller amounts?  He also had $5,623 of unitemized contributions meaning the contribution was for an amount not over $100, but of those that are itemized the vast majority or for $1,500 each.

A review of this report shows the following contributions of interest.

I don't know who the Burns' are but Mary Jordan Burns, Susan Burns, and Virginia Burns, all of 419 Sunnyside Dr. each contributed  $1,500 for a household total of $4,500. Barney Byrd, CEO of Gen Cap America contributed $1,500 and Elena Bryd, homemaker, at the same address in Franklin contributed $1,500.

B. C. Clippard, who is "Scooter" Clippard who is a Republican insider who led Fred Thompson’s national fundraising efforts when Thompson made a run for the Republican presidential nomination, but then become a national finance co-chairman for McCain's campaign when Thompson dropped out, contributed $1,500. Of course, Bill Freeman was a major fund raiser for Barack Obama. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Thomas Beasley, former chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party and a founder of Corrections Corporation of America contributed $1,500.

Ann Archer Davis, a homemaker, and Kirby Davis, who I assume is her husband, who works for Freeman-Webb, each contributed $1,500 to the General Election and each contributed $1,500 to the run off.  The Elections Commission has ruled candidates may not accept contributions to the run off until after the general elections so the Freeman Campaign has had to return $3,000 of this $6,000. There are several other people who also contributed to the run-off who will have to have their money returned.  Councilman Sean McGuire who is a Vice President at Freeman-Webb contributed $1,500 and several other people who work for Freeman-Webb contributed $1,500 each. Several people with the last name "Webb" contributed $1,500 each.

Michael McWherter, former Democrat candidate for governor and son of former Governor Ned Ray McWherter, and Mary Jane McWherter of the same address each contributed $1,500. The Ned McWherter Trust contributed $1,500. Mike McWherter also contributed $1,000 to Charles Bone and $1,000 to Megan Barry. I do not understand people who contribute to different candidates seeking the same seat.

Bob Tuke, an attorney who is a partner with Trauger & Tuke who was the 2008 Democrat nominee for U. S. Senate and who contributes to lots of campaigns contributed $1,500. He also contributed to $1,500 to Megan Barry.

Gaylord Entertainment Co. PAC contributed $1,000. Gaylord also contributed $1,000 to Megan Barry. Beth Franklin, owner of Multi-Task Solutions and Steve Franklin of the same address who is also an owner of Multi-Task Solutions, each contributed $1,500 and in addition, Multi-Task Solutions contributed $1,500.

Will Cheek, Jr contributed $1,500, and Will Cheek III contributed $1,000. Hostettler Realty, LLC contributed $1,500. Michael Hodges, executive with the pay day lender company Advance Financial and Tina Hodges  of the same address each contributed $1,500. George Armistead, former Council member-at-large contributed $200.

Fred Detwiller. owner of beer distributing company DET Distributing contributed $1,500 and Kathryn Dettwiller of the same address contributed $1,500. Fred Detwiller also contributed $1,500 to the Bone Campaign.

Gordon Ball, the 2014 Democrat nominee for U. S. Senate contributed $1,500. He also contributed to  $1,500 to the Megan Barry campaign.

Renata Soto, Executive Director of Conexion Americas contributed $250. She also contributed $100 to the David Fox campaign.

Waller Landsen PAC contributed $1,500 and H. G. Hill Realty PAC, $1,000. I believe this two PAC's have contributed to all of the candidates except David Fox.

Robert Clements who is better know as Bob Clement, former Democrat U. S. Representative and former candidate for Mayor who now heads his own lobbying firm Bob Clements and Associates contributed $1,500 and Mary Clement of the same address also contributed $1,500.

General Sessions Judge Bill Higgins contributed $500; Julius Sloss, former councilman who now works for the Davidson County Juvenile Court, $500; David Smith, Juvenilte Court Clerk, $1,000; Reese Smith, IV of Haury and Smith Contractors, $1,500 and Reese Smith III, $1,500;  Former State Representative Mike Turner, $1,000, John Arrliola, former State Metro Councilman, State Representative and County Clerk, $500.

Dr. Ming Wang, famed eye surgeon, ball room dancer and philanthropist, contributed $500. He also contributed $500 to the David Fox campaign. 

A large number of other attorneys, contractors, builders, and realtors made contributions. 

Below is what I reported following the initial report which covered the period prior to January 15th:

As of the date of the first required financial disclosure, Jan. 15th 2015, Bill Freeman had only raised $1,500. Don't fret however, Freeman has the ability to self fund  whatever it takes to mount an effective campaign.  He started the report with no money on hand, loaned his campaign $30,000, received a single contribution of $1,500 from Chip Forrester, former Chair of the Tennessee Democrat Party, spent $30,000 in advertising to put his ads on Gray’s Disposal trucks and that is all his report shows.

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