Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1st Quarter Report on who is contributing to the Howard Gentry campaign

Howard Gentry
 Short on Cash
Howard Gentry did not raise any money prior to January 15, so was not required to file an initial report. The First Quarter campaign financial disclosure report is for the period of Jan.15 through March 31st. He begins the period with no cash on hand, had receipts of $103,875 and ends the period with $98,145. "Howard Gentry for Criminal Court Clerk" loaned his campaign $30,000. Below are the contributions of interest.

Rahim Rahimi contributed $1,500 and Libra Holding, LLC, which is owned by Rahim Rahimi contributed $1,500.  Dinah Gregory, Director of Planning and Coordination with Metro Social Services, $1,000; Jack Cawthon, owner of Jack's Barbeque, $1,500; retired judge Sue M. Evans, $1,000, Orrin H. Ingram of Ingram Industries $1,500 and  Martha Ingram, owner of Ingram Industries and philanthropist contributed $1,500.

Mike Curb of Curb Records, songwriter, philanthropist, and former Lt. Governor of California, $1,500. Linda Curb of the same address contributed $1,500.

John Curley III, manager with DET Distributing contributed $1,500 and Fred Dettwiller contributed $1,500. Fred Dettwiller has contributed to several of the candidates.  Catherine Dettwiller contributed $1,500.

Ryman Hospitality PAC Contributed $1,000. This PAC has also contributed to other candidates for mayor.

Two pay day lenders, Tennessee Quick Cash of 5302 Mt. View Rd and Cash 2 Day LLC of 5307 Mt. View Rd, each contributed $250. Two bonding companies, both located at the same address, contributed $250 each.

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