Saturday, January 10, 2015

How the Council voted on the confirmation of Eric Malo appointment to the Fair Board.

Last Tuesday night in an extremely rare occurrence the Metro Council rejected a Mayor's appointment to a Board or Commission. The Council rejected the appointment of Eric Malo to the Board of Fair Commissioners. Malo had been an outspoken advocate of demolishing the fair grounds and developing the property as a mixed use development as advocated by the Mayor. I am extremely pleased to see the Council take this stand and reject Malo's appointment. This should happen more often.

The vote was 19-17 for his confirmation. With three members abstaining, Malo failed to get the needed 21 votes in order to be confirmed. Since this vote required 21 affirmative votes, a vote to abstain had the same effect as a "no" vote. Here is how they voted:

“Ayes:" Barry, Steine, Maynard, Matthews, Harrison, Banks, Scott Davis, Westerholm, Anthony Davis, Pridemore, Claiborne, Moore, Allen, Gilmore, Baker, McGuire, Bedne, Dowell, Mitchell (19)

“Noes:” Garrett, Tygard, Bennett, Pardue, Hagar, Glover, Stites, Stanley, Tenpenny, Langster, Weiner, Evans, Blalock, Dominy, Johnson, Potts, Duvall (17)

 “Abstaining:” Hunt, Holleman, Todd (3).

I have typed in red typeface those who I consider the "good" Councilmen. They are listed as the "good" Councilmen because they generally vote conservative or self identify as conservative or Republican. A couple of them are marginal and I am not sure deserve to be on the list but are, and maybe there are one or two who are marginal who deserve to be on the list and are not, but most of them I am sure about.

I have added Councilman Hagar to my "good" councilman list. He was elected in a special election and has not been in the Council long, but in the few controversial votes since he has been in office, he has voted the right way. I don't personally know Hagar.

A special recognition to Karen Johnson, who if she votes right a couple more times will make my list of "good" council members. Karen voted the right way on this and when the council had a resolution before it to honor Ken Jakes she voted for it also voting with the Council conservatives, and she had previously distinguished herself by advocating a free market position before the Transportation Licensing Commission. I personally like Karen Johnson and would love to add her to my "good" list. She is marginal.

Carter Todd was about to come off my list of good councilmen. Back when the Council passed the resolution praising the EPA's new rules for existing coal burning energy plants, he voted for it. He also supported Metro employee benefits for same-sex couples. This vote to abstain keeps him on the "good" list a little longer, but he is marginal.

I don't assume most of the Councilmen care if they are on my "good Councilmen" list or not, but for those readers who value my opinion, I am putting it out there for what it is worth.

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