Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ashley Judd in Nashville to rally for "no-on-one."

Ashley Judd
Hollywood actress  Ashley Judd was in Nashville again yesterday headlining an afternoon rally for opponents of  amendment 1.  The event was at Event Space on Chestnut Street and was attended by about 100 people. (link)

Ashley Judd is a frequent visitor in Nashville and often holds fund raisers for liberals such as she did this summer for Jeff Yarbro who is running for the State Senate in District 21 against Republican Diana Cuellar.

Ms Judd often campaigns for what are sometimes called "women's" issues. She claims she was a three-time rape survivor and childhood victim of incest. She has also claimed she was the victim of "egregious sexual harassment” in Hollywood.  She has stared in several movie that featured nudity and soft core sex scenes.  She was a 2012 Tennessee delegate to the National Democrat Party convention.

Amendment one would allow the state legislature to pass reasonable regulations to regulate the abortion industry.  The pro-abortion forces from across the nation have poured money into Tennessee to defeat amendment one outspending the pro-amendment one forces about four-to-one. .  Abortion is protected as a constitutional right due to the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs wade and is virtually unregulated in Tennessee and Tennessee has become an abortion destination state. Amendment one would not ban abortion but would permit the same level of regulation as in other states. To read more about Amendment one follow

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