Thursday, July 11, 2013

Williamson County says textbook is OK

The effort led by Christian Zionist  Laurie Cardoza-Moore to have an advanced placement geography textbook removed from the Williamson County Schools has failed. The committee appointed to review the book said it was not anti-Semitic. However, the textbook publisher said that future print editions and all digital editions of the book would remove the offending passage that asked students to distinguish between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli military action. To read The Tennessean story follow this link.

While I would not follow Ms Cardoza-Moore into battle, I do think more scrutiny should be given to the text book selection process. Some good may come from the hornets nest she stirred. A state legislative house hearing earlier this year revealed that the textbook review committee has an almost impossible task to review textbooks in the time allotted and evidence of liberal bias in textbooks was presented.

Since academia has a well-documented liberal bias, I would be surprised if liberal bias did not find its way into text books. As Rep. Glen Casada points out, we have text books that praise  Mao Zedong and say that capitalism is the primary cause of poverty in the world. We should no more tolerate that than we would tolerate a text book that praised Adolf Hitler.

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