Monday, July 08, 2013

Is $46 billion too much Border Security? Maybe we need a picemeal approch.

Senate Plan to Militarize Border Draws Backlash

Time, July 8, 2013- ... "In an unexpected wrinkle, even authorities on the border are balking, saying the influx of agents could create more problems than it would solve." (link)

My thoughts: I had previously taken the position that  we need comprehensive immigration reform and that the Senate bill that passed was probably the best bill we could hope for. I am having second thoughts. I still think we need a plan to find out who is here and we need some sort of guest worker program and we need to secure the border. I still think we need immigration reform, but unlike our Metro Council which unanimously thinks we need "comprehensive" immigration reform, I am not so sure it needs to be comprehensive. 

We have lived with between 11 million and 20 million illegal immigrants in the country for about 20 years now. A little longer with our dysfunctional, broken immigration system will not hurt anything. Maybe we need a piecemeal approach. First, beef up the border until it is relatively secure. Second, institute a mandatory e-verify system. Third, institute a guest worker program for new immigrants who apply for it and enter the country legally. Then, deal with those who are already here illegally hoping that with two and three above in place, many of them will self deport. So, I am thinking, secure the borders first then look at the next steps.

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