Monday, July 08, 2013

Has Senator Jim Summerville withdrawn his support of Lamar Alexander?

On Channel 2's This Week, Steve Gill said that Senator Jim Summerville and Senator Mark Green had withdrawn their support from the reelection of Senator Lamar Alexander. I also see that claim on couple of websites. One is the websites is that of the Summer County Tea Party in an article by J. Lee Douglas of the 9.12 Tennessee group. The other website is quoting the Summer County Tea Party post.

A spokesman for Senator Green has issued a statement saying that Senator Green would not be appearing at a July 20th appearance with Senator Alexander because he had out of state guest in town “He and Senator Alexander are friends,” said the spokesperson. “Obviously, some have read more into this than there is and he wanted to make sure that you had the facts on it.” (link)

I can find no confirmation of the claim that Senator Summerville as withdrawn his support. I have emailed Senator Summerville asking him for confirmation of this claim. If he has done so, he has done so quietly. If I get a response or find other information that confirms or contradicts this I will update.

Correction: In a previous version of this post I had mistakenly confused Senator Mark Green with another Senator with the first name "Mark." It is now corrected. I regret the error and am please to set the record straight.

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