Friday, June 14, 2013

They're almost as bad as NES

IG: Over 1,000 IRS workers misused gov't charge cards, agency lenient on discipline 

More than 1,000 IRS employees over a two-year period misused their government credit cards, and the agency has a tendency to be overly lenient in disciplining them, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said in a recently released audit report. (link)

That  sounds very familiar, just a larger agency with more people than the Nashville Electric Service. NES had hundreds of misused charge cards and and Amazon accounts, instead of more than 1000.  No one ever lost a job or went to jail due to malfeasance at NES and the agency was lenient on discipline. That sounds a lot like the IRS. You may have missed it. Except for Channel 5, our local media did not cover the scandal very much and the Council never took any strong action. It is not over however. The tenacious citizen activist Ken Jakes continues to seek justice. To read the comptrollers report about our own corrupt government agency, see here . For a lot more information about the NES scandal including viewing the channel 5 report follow this link

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