Sunday, June 16, 2013

How your tax dollars encourgage kids to be gay

Today was the 25th annual Gay, Lesbian Bisexual, and Transgender festival in Nashville and thousands attended.  The Metro Human Relations Commission sponsored the Youth Pavilion at the event.

I am offended.  I do not think our tax dollars should be used to normalize a gay lifestyle among young people.  I don't really care if the GLBT community want to have a big street party but oppose Metro's promotion of the gay lifestyle, especially among the youth of our community. I am sure Metro would not sponsor an abstinence themed event if some group like Family Action Council of Tennessee was sponsoring a downtown celebration, but somehow it is deemed appropriate to host the Youth Pavilion at an event celebrating deviancy.

At Metro Human Relations Commission Youth Pavilion, young people could, "'Come take pictures and answer the question 'I have PRIDE because_________' or  'What Queer means to me in 6 words or less.'”

To learn more about the event go to To see the Metro Human Relations promotion of the event go to To see how Metro Human Relations Commissions advocates for gay marriage and everything gay, visit this site, To view the classroom indotrination promoted by the HRC, follow this link.

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