Monday, June 17, 2013

Poetry Break: A Fathers Day poem.

Dad's memories will always be there

by Ken Jakes

I miss my Dad, I miss him more each day.

I miss my Dad, and the simple things he'd say.
When he met you, he'd ask you " how are you peculating " ?
He'd respond back to you without even waiting.
" I'm peculating pretty goooooooood. "
I knew that response was coming and understood.
My Dad greeted everyone with a smile upon his face.
And, I never even wondered, I knew he was saved by God's Grace.
He lived it in his life, and I knew God held him a special place.
I cherish those fond memories of that smile upon his face.
He was wounded many times in battle, he was American to the core.
And he would get upset when someone would disgrace the Flag, he adored.
Though money wasn't abundant, he supplied our family all its needs.
And he taught me though he may not have known, in all his good deeds
How lucky I am to have had him for my Father, and my love will never end.
He was much more then my Father, you could even call him friend.
In his later years he would tell Mom, " Its time for Ken to come in the door "
For he knew that I would be there, if just for a moment or more.
Dad, told me many times, how proud he was of me as a son.
But to have had a Father like Leonard Jakes, I was the lucky one.

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