Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Tennessean reports on Williamson County textbook controversy

A parent's group led by anti-Murfressboro mosque crusader Laurie Cardoza-Moore has alleged the Williamson County schools are using a text book that promotes antisemitism. The evidence of this is the way the book challenges students to think about the difference between political violence and terrorism by asking this question: If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?

This is a college level text book used in an advanced placement class. Assistant Superintendent Tim Gaddis says the question is taken out of cotext.

I am not outraged over this myself. This is a book used to teach smart college-bound kids. Soon they will be in college and be challenged to question and think about many complex issues. Anyway, I would not follow a leader who does not believe the First Amendment also applies to Muslims and who believes that local government should get to decide which religions are allowed to build houses of worship.

Below is the Tennessean's reporting.

School officials say state-adopted text is not anti-Semitic 

The Tennessean, Apr. 18, 2013, FRANKLIN — After testifying before the Williamson County school board this week, a parent says she wants to meet with Director of Schools Mike Looney and hopes to lobby legislators to establish a board to vet curriculum used in Tennessee schools for anti-Semitic content.
Cardoza-Moore, president of pro-Israel group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, said this is an example of a new kind of anti-Semitism that is being subtly woven into information given students. The goal is to delegitimize the Jewish right to the land, she said.

She also compares the subtle nuances to hateful propaganda disseminated about Jews as Hitler came to power in Germany, ultimately leading to the extermination of millions. This type of disinformation historically leads to violence against Jews, she said. “The Holocaust did not happen in a vacuum.(read more)

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