Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The budget hearing of the Department of Politically Correct Propaganda and Indoctrination (Human Relations Commission)

Above is the Mayor's budget hearing of the Human Relations Commission. This is a small Department with only 3.3 full-time-equivalent positions, however, this organization does nothing that is necessary.

Not that all they do is bad, but much of what they do is a duplication of what is already being done by non-profit advocacy groups. Some of what they do is being done by offices such as Tennessee Fair Housing Council or the Attorney General's office. In her testimony, the Director says she only gets two or three calls a month regarding compliance issues.

This organization should more aptly be named the Department of Politically Correct Propaganda and Indoctrination. Why should the city support the Youth Pavilion at the Nashville Gay Pride event? Many Christian Nashvillians may feel that homosexuality is a perversion and that the city should not be in the position of supporting our young people in an event that celebrates and normalizes homosexuality. I would like to know what they taught the 160 students who attended their Human Relations Summit. I would like to be assured that this organization is not undermining the values children are being taught at home.

Metro's 50th anniversary celebration would have happened without a Metro Human Relations Commission and the NashvilleNext program, which I support and which is an on-going planning exercise, would happen without an office of Human Relations.

I actually enjoy the event "Celebrate Nashville" which use to be more apply named the "Celebration of Cultures." If the Human Relations Commission went away, I have no doubt that this celebration would continue.

I don't expect it to happen, but I would hope the Council would defund this office and abolish it. When I served in the Council in the mid-eighties we did defund this office for several years and we survived just fine without it.  I am proud of my role in, at least for a short time, abolishing this agency. If we abolished the Metro Human Relations Commission we would never miss it. Let liberal advocacy groups do their own fundraising instead of getting Metro dollars to advocate for their causes.

I would hope one of our conservative council members would present an alternative budget that eliminates this unnecessary department.  If there is a citizen activist looking to get involved in monitoring agencies of Metro Government, this is one that needs close monitoring. I would like to know who they are collaborating with and what else they are teaching.

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