Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Nashville Scene's attack on Ken Jakes

In case you missed it, here is the Nashville Scene's attack on Ken Jakes.

A government watchdog's records-request bombardment of Metro agencies raises eyebrows at Nashville Farmers Market

by Steven Hale, The Nashville Scene, April 25, 2013- .....They've been inundated by public records requests, filed just about daily by a man named Ken Jakes. .......Every Metro source the Scene reached repeatedly affirmed Jakes' right to request and obtain public records. However, just about all of them used the word "harassment" to describe his actions over the years. (link)

My Comment
I wish there were a dozen Ken Jakes. No wonder Metro officials don't like him. He makes them play by the rules. They don't want anyone poking around and exposing the crony capitalism, corruption, and arbitrary behavior of city bureaucrats.  If not for Ken Jakes, NES brace would still be swapping NES services for Gaylord lodging, golf games, meals, and show tickets; there would still be specifications written in such as way that only one well-connected bidder could bid on them; and, over two hundred NES employees would still have company credit cards and using them to purchase private stuff on Amazon and Ebay. The taxpayers, the ratepayers, and consumers of government services owe Ken Jakes a debt of gratitude.

Ken Jakes is a citizen activist who should be applauded.

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